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Take Steps to Help Preserve Your Pets Eye Health

With May being National Service Dog Eye Examination Month, the Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association (WVMA) encourages all pet owners to have their pet’s eyes examined by their WVMA member veterinarian.

“Pets should have their eyes examined annually,” says Dr. Peter Accola, ophthalmologist at the Wisconsin Veterinary Referral Center. “Regularly scheduled exams with your veterinarian are the best defense in protecting your pet’s vision against sight threatening abnormalities in the early stages.”

While some breeds and species are more prone to specific eye diseases, all pets should be examined. This important exam should be included in your pet’s annual wellness checkup by your veterinarian. In some cases, further evaluation by a veterinary ophthalmologist may be recommended.

Symptoms of eye problems vary, but may include redness, squinting or pain, discharge, cloudiness to the eye or a reduction in vision. In some cases, an eye lesion may be the earliest indicator of an underlying systemic disease and can help direct further diagnostic tests. Annual exams detect problems in the early stages, allowing treatment to begin sooner.  

“The most important thing an owner can do to help preserve their pet’s eye health and vision is to have an annual exam performed by their veterinarian,” says Dr. Accola.

There are preventive steps that can be taken to help preserve the health of your pet’s vision. If you are concerned about your pet’s eye health, take immediate action. Contact your WVMA member veterinarian to learn more about the symptoms and treatment options. To find a WVMA member veterinarian, go to

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