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WVMA Condemns Animal Abuse Depicted in Undercover Video

MADISON, Wis. – December 10, 2013 - The Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association (WVMA) strongly condemns the inhumane treatment of cows at a Wisconsin dairy farm shown in the recently released undercover video.

“As Americans we expect animals to be cared for in a humane manner, and the actions depicted in this video are indefensible. They are especially unacceptable in Wisconsin, where dairy cattle and dairy products are great sources of state pride, and are deeply troubling for Wisconsin’s veterinarians whose primary professional commitment is to the well-being of animals,” states Dr. Chris Booth, WVMA President. “How the cattle were treated in this video is unacceptable. The WVMA supports a full investigation be conducted into the farm’s practices, and a plan of action be established to prevent further abuses.”

The WVMA has principles on the appropriate handling of cattle that are available here.

 The following points are directly pertinent to the actions in this video:

  • Disabled cattle must be handled humanely at all times and in all situations.
  • Cattle must be examined by a veterinarian in a timely manner to determine prognosis and appropriate treatment.
  • When moved, disabled cattle should be placed on a suitable surface that facilitates their movement and protects the animal from further injury.
  • Cattle must not be dragged using mechanical implements that involve direct attachments to body parts. The use of chains and tractors as shown in this video is unacceptable.

For more information on appropriate animal care and handling, for all species, contact the Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association.

The mission of the Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association is to advocate and promote veterinary medicine, while enriching animal and human health. Founded in 1915, The Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association has more than 2,300 members. For more information on the WVMA visit


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