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Awards & Nominations

Annual Convention Speaker Nomination Form

The WVMA awards exceptional members and industry through annual awards.

Veterinarian of the Year

The Veterinarian of the Year award is given annually to the WVMA member who made major contributions toward the advancement of the veterinary medical profession. The award recipient must be nominated by a fellow WVMA member and selection is made by the Executive Board.

1954   Sam Elmer*
1955   Roland Anderson*
1956   H.J. O'Connell*
1957   S.H. McNutt*
1958    Richard Bristol
1959   Q.C. Metzig
1960   Luther Albert
1961   E.S. Scobell
1962   Frank Gentile*
1963   Arden Erdmann*
1964   John C. Dahl
1965   W.J. O'Rourke*
1966   Elmer Woelffer*
1967   Clyde Lyle*
1968   Darrell E. Johnson
1969   Donald S. Postle
1970   Floyd N. Petersen
1971   Frederick J. Born
1972   Leland Allenstein
1973   Robert L. Madson
1974   Raymond G. Pahle
1975   None was granted
1976   Glenn E. Downing*
1977   Marion T. Szatalowicz*
1978   Jeffrey R. Hamann
1979   Bernard C. Easterday
1980   Jeffery W. Gaver
1981   Alan B. Lippart
1982   Kent J. Fletcher
1983   Robert H. Keith
1984   Lester Larson*
1985   No award given
1986   Larry L. Smith
1987   Edwin Lindner
1988   Oscar H. Hildbrandt, Jr.
1989   Dennis J. Carr
1990   Howard H. Krueger
1991   Willis G. Parker
1992   John C. Dahl
1993   Berwyn  J. Cadman
1994   Andrew P. Johnson
1995   Jacob Hines|
1996   Ted Poelma
1997   Peter Vanderloo
1998   Peter MacWilliams
1999   John Kuenz
2000   Sheila McGuirk
2001   René  Carlson
2002    Jerry Quilling
2003   William Gengler
2004   Daryl Buss
2005   Pamela Ruegg
2006   Laurence Baumann
2007   Kevin Nelson
2008   Thomas H. Howard
2009   Yvonne Bellay
2010 - Dr. Randy Schuett
2011 - Dr. David Rhoda
2012 - Dr. Glen Johnson

* Deceased

Friend of Veterinary Medicine

This award is given by the outgoing president to a person or a company who, in the opinion of the president, has provided extraordinary service or assistance to the WVMA. The award recipient must be nominated by a fellow WVMA member and selection is made by the Executive Board.

1990   The Zimdars Company, Inc.
1993   State Representative Barbara Gronemus1995    Delores Tollefson
1998   Graeme Mein, PhD
1999   Joseph Tregoning
2002   Teri Raffel, CVT
2003   Josette Svitter
2004   Judy Dvorak
2005    Darrell Bazzell
2006   Susan Hyland, PhD
2007   Leslie G. Grendahl
2008   Rachel Rothschild, JD
2009   Bette Anderson
2012 - Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin

Corporate Partnership Award

This award is given to a business which has demonstrated outstanding support for veterinary medicine and organized veterinary medicine. The award recipient must be nominated by a fellow WVMA member and selection is made by the Executive Board.

    1996   Pfizer Animal Health
    2000   Hill’s Pet Nutrition
    2002    Merial Limited
    2005   Midwest Cremation Service of Wisconsin
    2007   Marshfield Clinic Laboratories
    2009   DeWitt, Ross & Stevens s.c.
    2012 - Pfizer Animal Health - Livestock Team

    Presidential Award

    This award is given by the outgoing president to a person or a company who, in the opinion of the president, has provided extraordinary service or assistance to the WVMA. Recipient is selected by the outgoing President.

    1994   Barney Easterday, DVM, PhD
    1996   Thomas Howard, DVM
    1998   David Rhoda, DVM
    2001   Leslie G. Grendahl
    2002    Wisconsin Veterinary Technician Association
    2007   UW SVM Student Body
    2008   Thomas H. Howard
    2009    Kim Brown Pokorny
    2011 - Dr. Linda Sullivan
    2012 - Dr. Daryl Buss

    Meritorious Service Award

    This award is given to members in recognition of their service, commitment and contributions specifically to the WVMA and organized veterinary medicine.

    1960   G.B. Wrigglesworth*
    W.L. Richards*

    1961   Fred Milke*

    1962   William Madson*
    Ralph Garman*
    James Fessler*

    1963   S.K. Andreassen*
    H.W. Jacobson
    O.S. Phelps*

    1964   J.J. Roberts*
    Lawrence Lewis*
    F.O. Jacobson*

    1965   C.R. Curtis*
    E.P. Pope*
    Benjamin Schlimovitz*
    William R. Winner*

    1966   S.C. Bernhard*
    S.C. Mount*
    W.W. Arzberger*

    1967   George Evenson*
    T.L. Knapstein*
    H.E. Wicker*

    1968   Clarence Otteson*

    1969   S.D. Cronk*
    I.A. Walsdorf*

    1970   C.L. Lee*
    Sam McNutt*
    George J. Theiler*

    1971   L.B. Cobb*
    O.M. Enger*
    G.I. Gregory*

    1972   Clyde J. Heagle*
    W.R. Wastrack*

    1973   C. Wayne Burch*
    Kenneth Nicholson*

    1974   Roy E. Nichols*

    1975   Walter M. Johnson*
    E.A. Woelffer*

    1976   Rolland Anderson*
    Clyde D. Lyle*

    1977   David E. Bartlett

    1978   James Welch*
    Fred Idtse

    1979   Leland C. Allenstein
    Dennis J. Carr

    1980   Ralph E. Day
    Larry L. Smith

    1981   Edwin W. Krueger*
    Arthur E. Moats, Sr.*

    1982   Virginia F. Bradford
    Francis J. Bradford
    Carl Olson, Jr.*

    1983   Frank Gentile*
    W.H. Dreher

    1984    Gordon Marold*
    Robert L. Madson
    Quentin S. Paulson*

    1985   No award given

    1986   Quintin C. Metzig
    William E. Norris

    1987   Berwyn J. Cadman
    Keith W. Downey
    Edwin R. Lindner
    Vernon A. Thieleke*

    1988   William Bogenschultz
    Fred J. Born
    Howard H. Krueger
    Marion T. Szatalowicz*

    1989   William L. Hilleman
    Jerry A. Quilling

    1990   Robert J. Klostermann
    Larry D. Mahr

    1991   Kenneth Lambrecht
    Charlotte A. Little

    1992   Arthur L. Daun
    Ted Poelma

    1993   Richard Ernsberger
    Elisabeth Lembke

    1994   John C. Dahl
    Barbara Rossi

    1995   Daniel Griffiths
    Ray Pawlisch

    1996   Don Niles
    David Rhoda

    1997   Pete MacWilliams

    1998   Paul Rapnicki
    Bill Burnap

    1999   The State Fair Committee
    Diane Bennetts
    Joanne Carpentier
    Mary Frautschy
    Charlotte Little
    Brian Nelson

    2000   Heather Curtis=
    Dale Bjorling

    2001   Don Dykhouse
    Robert Spencer

    2002   Fred J. Born

    2003   Mark Lindborg

    2004   Victor Eggleston

    2005   Nigel Cook
    Randy Schuett

    2006   Al Lippart

    2007   Guy Jodarski
    Tom Myers

    2008  Robert Leder

    2009 James Johnson
    Robert Klostermann

    2010 Dr. Keith Poulsen
    Dr. Doug Kratt

    2011 Dr. Lisa Kluslow
    Dr. Kim Kratt

    2012 Dr. Chris Snyder
    Dr. Mark Thompson

    Distinguished Achievement

    This award is given to a WVMA member who has distinguished them self in some way in the profession, in the community, or have achieved national prominence as a leader of a veterinary medical organization or in some other way worthy of note

    Dr. Rene Carlson
    Dr. Sam Vanisi

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