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WVMA Past Presidents

1914–E.M. Sullivan*

1915–J.W. Beckwith*

1916–L.J. O'Reilly*

1917–Herbert Lothe*

1918–J.D. Lee*

1919–L.G. Hart, Sr.*

1920–O.H. Eliason*

1921–A.J. Abbot*

1922–H.E. Horel*

1923–G.H. Harland*

1924–W.R. Swan*

1925–J.P. West*

1926–T. Wrigglesworth*

1927–R.A. Garman*

1928–A.T. Olson*

1929–L.H. Coulson*

1930–W.J. Noleshek*

1931–G.C. Webb*

1932–Ed Boesewetter*

1933–A.N. Lawton*

1934–J.L. Lehman*

1935–L.G. Hart, Jr.*

1936–C.F. Van de Sand*

1937–J.E. McDermid*

1938–E.L. Morgenroth*

1939–J.S. Healy*

1940–G.A. Gettelman*

1941–R.C. Finkle*

1942–J.B. Wilson, Sr.*

1943–J.B. Wilson, Sr.*

1944–L.T. Donovan*

1945–G.J. Theiler*

1946–C.A. Otteson*

1947–C.E. Hammerberg*

1948–S.K. Andreassen*

1949–L.J. Stueber*

1950–R.B. Hipenbecker*

1951–J.T. Schwab*

1952–Rolland Anderson*

1953–J.B. Collins*

1954–A.M. McDermid*

1955–H.W. Jacobson*

1956–T.H. Ferguson*

1957–J.R. Curtis

1958–H.J. O'Connell*

1959–Burr Nussdorfer, Sr.*

1960–F.L. Gentile*

1961–E.A. Woelffer*

1962–Sam Elmer*

1963–Willis Lyle*

1964–M.T. Szatalowicz*

1965–James Welch*

1966–Robert Houser*

1967–Vernon R. Bauman*

1968–Glenn Downing*

1969–Vernon Thieleke*

1970–Ronaldean Pawlisch

1971–Raymond G. Pahle

1972–Dennis J. Carr

1973–Dale E. Kelley

1974–Elvin K. Prather*

1975–Leonard A. Anderson*

1976–Howard H. Krueger

1977–Richard F. Bristol*

1978–William Burmeister

1979–John E. Kuenzi

1980–Thomas L. Beckett

1981–Kent J. Fletcher

1982–James A. Burns

1983–Robert Steinkraus

1984–Lawrence H. Davis*

1985–Berwyn J. Cadman

1986–Edwin R. Lindner*

1987–William Hilleman

1988–Larry D. Mahr

1989–John C. Dahl

1990–Arthur L. Daun, Jr.

1991–Thomas Bruning

1992–Stan Oxenreider

1993–Andy Johnson

1994–Peter Vanderloo

1995–René Carlson

1996–Peter MacWilliams

1997–Dean Peterson

1998–Jerry Quilling

1999–Chet Rawson

2000–Don Dykhouse

2001–Vic Eggleston

2002– Randy Schuett

2003–Margaret Terhar Eastman

2004–Paul McGraw

2005–Dale Bjorling

2006–Dan Griffiths

2007–Tom Gilligan

2008–Ray Pawlisch

2009–Douglas D. Kratt

2010–Philip Johnson

2011–Steve Erickson

2012-Robert Klostermann

* Deceased

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