SpauldingOn behalf of the Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association (WVMA), I would like to welcome you to our website. The WVMA is a vibrant, grassroots organization of veterinarians from all areas of our profession. It is the only organization in Wisconsin representing veterinarians on legislation and public policy. The WVMA and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) are the advocates and voice of the veterinary medical profession on the state and national level, tackling issues impacting you, your profession, and your patients now and in years to come.

To help conquer the next 100 years, the WVMA Executive Board has set goals to ensure our success. By taking time to reflect and strategize our plans we have identified the greatest issues needing attention in the veterinary medical profession and what we can do to help our members tackle those issues. No other association in the state provides this services the veterinary medical profession.

WVMA membership helps you stay current on what's happening Wisconsin veterinary medicine. The WVMA Annual Convention provides the highest quality speakers on timely topics. The WVMA Voice, the organization’s monthly newsletter, gives members the latest information on job openings, regulations and laws, and new member services.

With a range of committees from animal welfare to public health and food safety the WVMA is always working in the best interest of the veterinary medical community. These numerous committees also provide you with opportunities to volunteer and become involved.

I look forward to you joining our organization and working alongside you as we strive to promote veterinary medicine. Once again, welcome!


Scott Spaulding, DVM
Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association

Presidents Message

Professional Wellness: Break the Dam!

Why wellness? Nearly 10 percent of veterinarians characterize themselves as experiencing severe psychological distress.

Why wellness? Nearly 17 percent of veterinarians have contemplated suicide since graduation.

Why wellness? How do you respond when confronted with a phone call from a veterinarian's spouse informing you the veterinarian is threatening suicide?

Why wellness? Does your practice have a drug testing policy?

Why wellness? Over 72 percent of survey respondents say they've worked with someone abusing substances.

Hypotheses abound regarding our profession experiencing far higher than average levels of psychological distress, depression, suicidal ideation and substance abuse. I challenge you: we need more than hypotheses, we need more than task forces; we need more than summits. Personally, I'm sick and tired of hearing of these woes affecting the profession. We have the knowledge; we have the resources. We must take action to assist those members of the veterinary profession suffering from mental illness and substance abuse.

What can be done? Educate yourself! Educate your colleagues! Can you recognize symptoms of psychological distress? How do you respond? What resources are at your disposal? Are your practice's controlled substances secure and records kept current? Does your practice have a substance testing policy in place? What resources can you offer the spouse of a veterinarian contemplating suicide?

Have you looked at the Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine's "Veterinary Wellness" website – http://veterinarywellness.colostate.edu?

Did you know you can access informative webinars sponsored by Pet Poison Helpline and AVMA Life – http://www.petpoisonhelpline.com/veterinarians/webinars/avma-life-co-sponsored-webinars/?

Recognize the profession's paradox of extraordinary psychological distress and easy access to powerful substances. When will we do something about it? What's holding us back? Let's break the dam and implement resources already available! Break the dam and implement assistance programs! Break the dam and implement stringent drug control procedures! Break the dam and knock down stigmas associated with psychological distress!

It's time to end the suffering. It's time to end the stigmas. It's time to provide support to those afflicted with psychological distress and substance abuse, especially if related to profession stressors. Join me to Break the Dam!


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