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Holistic & Traditional Approaches to Camelid Health
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Our featured guest speaker, Dr. Don Thompson, will present the theories of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine. The basics of acupuncture, meridian or channel theory, and pattern diagnosis will be discussed as well as case examples to support the use of acupuncture will be included. Acupuncture case discussions will include infertility, choke, neonatal apnea and tooth root abscessation. Also covered during the day will be applications of Chinese Herbal Medication, including the importance of pattern diagnosis for the proper choice of a safe and effective herbal formula, methods of administration, and sources of the herbal medications. Finally, Dr. Thompson will review a mixed bag of cases that the practitioner or camelid owner may be faced with and how acupuncture or herbal treatment modalities may be applied to them. Cases will range from traumatic injury and first aid to dermatologic and fiber quality disorders.  Participants are encouraged to bring descriptions of their own cases of concern to discuss.

Dr. Thompson has practiced large and small animal medicine and surgery in Northern Vermont since graduation from the New York State College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University in 1984. Currently, Dr. Thompson operates Vermont Integrative Veterinary Associates (VIVA), complementing traditional medicine of the West with acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.


Location : UW School of Veterinary Medicine
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