Instructor Samuel M. Leadley, PhD, PAS, will discuss a variety of topics related to calf raising during this one-day continuing education opportunity, including:

  • The biology of biofilm development and effective sanitation practices to reduce contamination of feed, equipment and the environment,
  • Proper management of individual and group calf housing,
  • Practice implications for “wellness care” vs. “treating sick calves” programs,
  • How to monitor key performance indicators on farm to improve consistency and compliance, and
  • Promoting on-farm Best Management Practices.

Featured Speaker

Samuel M. Leadley


Attica, NY

Sam Leadley is a calf/heifer management specialist for the Attica Veterinary Associates, Attica, NY, a practice devoted solely to bovine care.  He consults with dairy farmers and heifer growers with the goal of improving the profitability of raising healthier, faster-growing animals through better management practices.

Event Schedule

February 21 / 8:45 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

8:00 a.m.


8:45 a.m.

Program Begins

Session 1 – Licensed to Kill

Learn about the biology of biofilm development and effective sanitation practices to reduce contamination of feed, equipment and the environment.

Session 2 – Nurture Their Future

Supporting proper gastrointestinal tract development is crucial for starting these babies off right. Implications for nutrition decisions for pre-weaned calves and transition heifers will be discussed.

Session 3 – Sleep Like a Baby

How well we manage individual and group heifer housing impacts the calf’s exposure to pathogens and response to these challenges. The discussion will include overall health issues, automatic feeding systems, and the impact of ventilation.

Session 4 – Jack of All Trades

Veterinarians play many roles on the farm. This session will discuss practice implications for “Wellness Care” vs. “Treating Sick Calves” programs.

Session 5 – Measure So You Can Manage

Emphasis will be placed on how to monitor key performance indicators (KPI) on farm, how to effectively summarize lab data and observations and report it back to management/calf care personnel resulting in improved consistency and compliance.

Session 6 – “Can You Hear Me Now?” – Promoting Best Management Practices

We will focus on factors us, as veterinarians, can influence and will highlight farm and operator characteristics which ultimately favor adoption.

Sessions 7 & 8 – Think Different

The Ontario Dairy case study will be used to show how identifying and defining opportunities can increase KPI performance. Focus will be placed on integrating observations with best heifer management practices to improve calf enterprise profitability.

4:30 p.m.



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