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WVMA encourages animal owners to utilize the links below for information. However, information should not be used in place of veterinary care.

The best source of animal information is your local WVMA member veterinarian. If you are looking for a veterinarian, click on the “Find a Clinic Near You” icon on the homepage.

Wisconsin Act 90 - Dog Seller's Licensing and Inspection Program

Wisconsin Act 90 - Dog Seller's Licensing and Inspection Program

Wisconsin has a new law regulating dog breeding, sales, and adoption-for-fee, effective June 1, 2011. The law was a decade in the making and represents cooperation among many different interests. It requires inspection and licensing of many dog breeders, dealers, and sellers, as well as shelters and rescues that foster and adopt out dogs. The new law also prohibits selling puppies less than 7 weeks old unless they go with their mothers, and requires that certificates of veterinary inspection – health certificates – accompany dogs that are sold or adopted for a fee. The intent is to protect the welfare of dogs and to protect consumers who buy or adopt them.

Program Website

Dog Breeder's and Sellers Law

License Application Materials

Application Materials
ATCP 16 (formal adminitrative rule)
Rescue Groups and Shlters

Information For Rescue Groups & Shelters

Fact Sheet (4-page pdf)

Information For Consumers

Info for Consumers

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