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The WVMA has just completed and approved a long range strategic plan. This plan provides both a vision and roadmap for where the organization wants to go. It defines specific goals for the WVMA and a framework for how those goals will be achieved. The plan enables the WVMA to prioritize, focus, and determine the path for the future, thus controlling our destiny.


The WVMA works daily to bring you education, information, a legislative voice, and a seat at the table with stakeholders affecting and influencing the profession. Moreover, the WVMA communicates the positive impact veterinarians have on the lives of food production clients and animals, pets and their owners, as well as society at large.


The WVMA sends members monthly newsletters and email alerts providing timely and important information that affects you and your business. The WVMA’s website,, offers even more information and members’ only benefits.


The WVMA’s Annual Convention, Winter Retreat, Legislative Day and other events provide exceptional environments to meet and network with industry leaders, product vendors, and your peers. The right balance of innovative, new scientific sessions, combined with excellent networking and relationship building opportunities keeps members coming back year after year.


You are in businessto make a profit—and enhancing your ability to generate more profits is important. Through products like the Practice Management Institute, WVMA Partners, website and newsletter articles/resources, WVMA is delivering resources to help increase your business’s success. WVMA will continue to look for new ways to provide business resources geared at increasing your productivity.


The WVMA is a membership-driven organization with a reputation for delivering first-class, expert speakers at our Annual Convention, Winter Retreat and Legislative Day programs.


The WVMA is a grassroots organization, with work being conducted through committees and an executive board. Participation of members ensures bold new ideas impacting current veterinary medicine are developed and are implemented.

A Voice

Your WVMA membership means you are part of a well-recognized and highly respected group of veterinarians in Wisconsin who are considered the “go to” voice for the profession (whether its media, the public, politicians, fellow DVMs or others with questions pertaining to organized veterinary medicine).
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