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Past Inductees

Subcategories from this category: Hero, Professional, Companion

Sir Chip of Munk "Alvin" Simonick, a 4-year-old English Labrador from Stevens Point, has taken his job to the next level. Alvin holds a very important role in his owner's life as a service dog and companion.

His owner, Ron Simonick, has a medical condition which limits his mobility significantly. Alvin's "job duties" include: retrieving dropped objects, turning light switches on/off, bringing tools and other items and of course being his constant companion.
"But this is not the most remarkable thing about Alvin," says Alvin's veterinarian Dr. Diane Scott of Oakview Veterinary Medical Center.

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Roxie, a 6-year-old Boxer, is a hero to all who know her. Roxie lives with her owner, Emily Quisling and Emily's roommate, Sharon in Chippewa Falls.

Sharon was diagnosed with ovarian cancer over two years ago and receives chemotherapy treatments. The night of August 30, 2011 was not an average night in the Quisiling home.

Roxie usually sleeps in the living room but that night she slept on the floor next to Sharon's bed. During the night, Sharon woke up to go to the bathroom and began to seizure. Roxie quickly ran to Sharon's side and then went to alert Emily.
"She was running between the two rooms snorting, jumping in the air, and making all sorts of commotion until Emily got up to find Sharon lying on the bathroom floor," explains Roxie's veterinarian, Dr. Kristy Langhoff, Chippewa Veterinary Clinic, Chippewa Falls.

Emily was able to stabilize Sharon's head until the seizures subsided.

Sharon's seizures were a result of the chemotherapy drugs, causing low magnesium in her body. Roxie seems to know at other times when Sharon is not feeling well. She will sniff her excessively and pay extra attention to her.

Without Roxie's attentiveness and action, it is unknown what the outcome of Sharon's seizure would have been.

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Bailey, an 11-year-old Labrador from Madison, is not your typical pet. Bailey has very important traits which have enabled him to be truly special.

His owner, Tom Cunningham, has a hereditary eye disease, Retinitis Pigmentosa. Bailey guides Tom every day to avoid injury and danger. Bailey has provided countless hours of service to Tom over the past nine years.

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Miller Tushaus is a perfect representation of how extraordinary the human-animal bond can be. Recently, Miller passed his Canine Good Citizen Test and is now a registered therapy dog.

"Miller is the most gentle and patient 3-year-old Labrador that I know," says Miller's veterinarian, Dr. Lisa Schultz of Burleigh Road Animal Hospital in Brookfield.

Miller works with Pets Helping People, an organization that provides handler/pet teams with various groups such as hospitals, senior residences, libraries, women's shelters, schools and hospice settings.

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Don Miller of Grantsburg owes his life to his 11 year-old yellow Labrador, Buddy. As a sensitive-detection dog, also referred to as a "seizure dog," Buddy helps Don every day to avoid injury, or worse.

Buddy is specially trained to be able to detect a change in smell due to an altered chemical balance in Don, which occurs about ten minutes before a seizure. When he detects a change in smell, he alerts Don. In the eight years that Don and Buddy have been together, Buddy has made over 300 detections.

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