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Following a robbery suspect across a frozen river, the ice gave way and Deputy Stanley Wontor slipped backwards under the ice. He called out "pull" (a command Thunder, a police dog, had not been trained to use) and Thunder pulled him out of the freezing waters to safety.

Owner/caretaker: Deputy Stanley Wontor
Nominating veterinarian: Dr. Douglas Morrison, Crivitz

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A veterinary employee where 6-month old Watson was scheduled to be put to sleep was also a volunteer with Canine Partners for Life (CPL)and recognized Watson's potential. Watson showed service dog traits: he was people-oriented, intelligent and had a stable temperament. Watson's owner, Emily Ramsey has 13 identified kinds of seizures and often experiences several a day. He warns her up to 45 minutes in advance of an oncoming seizure by either giving a short whine or pawing Emily. This allows her the time to get to a safe place so she is not injured during the seizure.

Owner/caretaker: Emily Ramsey, age 12
Nominating veterinarian: Dr. Alvydas Arbas, Racine

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Ben and his owner, Don Sturtevant, visit residents once a week at two nursing homes in Appleton. It has been said that the only time some people smile is when they see Ben, who is sometimes their only visitor. Ben had been neglected by his previous owner who "took him on a one-way trip to the shelter." At that time, Mr. Sturtevant had recently lost his long-time pet and went to the shelter "just to look around." It was love at first sight!

Owner/caretaker: Don Sturtevant
Nominating veterinarian: Dr. David Voigt, Appleton

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Elvis and his owner, Mark Thompson, were sleeping soundly when Elvis detected something wrong in the house. He awakened Mark who discovered the house was in flames. Smoke was three feet down from the ceiling. Both Elvis and Mark searched for Sterling, Elvis' 5-month-old Great Dane "nephew." The house was completely destroyed, but thanks to Elvis, Mark and Sterling were unharmed.

Owner/caretaker: Mark Thompson
Nominating veterinarian: Dr. Andrew Turner, Chetek

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Einstein is responsible for giving his owner, Jeanne Tregonning, who is confined to a wheelchair, an independent life. As a professional service dog, Einstein is a mail carrier, door opener, obedient servant, companion, friend and family member of Jeanne. His other talents include picking objects off the floor and placing them in Jeanne's lap, and opening the front door for visitors. Einstein continually strives to make Jeanne's life even more functional.

Owner/caretaker: Jeanne Tregonning
Nominating veterinarian: Dr. David Warner, Madison

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